Wednesday, December 20, 2006

There is no separation between the context and real form of a Buddha. Nothing exists that can be removed, that is not vital to the moment of existence. Buddha moving is the same as sky or ocean moving, forever changing the world. IT is moved by the conduct of Buddha.

It is not a spontaneous Buddha that moves for there was never a movement of Buddha that was not spontaneous. It is not uncontrived behaviour of the Buddha that moves IT. The behaviour of Buddha can never be contrived.

Why can we not give ourselves away into all things freely? This is the subtle skill of Buddhas, being without, allowing everything that arises to pass away. Things falling apart and passing away is what the Buddha is comprised of. This world is not afraid of its end, in fear at witnessing its passing, it does not hold its breath, nor does the Buddha who exists in the same state as the world.

Existing in this state, Buddhas act with complete freedom.

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