Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Practise and experience are not separate. Zazen is a gate to this true experience. Mind and body are one thing not separated from this moment. This is not something practised on a zafu then left behind on the zafu. This is the real nature of experience. We are not separate from this moment. Living authentically, this understanding permeates us. To practise this we have zazen as the standard.

There is no perfect posture, there is no end point of practise to achieve in which sitting just practises itself. Our practising of sitting is already just sitting practising itself. The ineffable is already here in our imperfect posture, practising us.

Acceptance and releasing means accepting and releasing things shining and beautiful or accepting and releasing broken, wrong, painful, torn and ragged forms. The great doubt, the great unknowing, the path of all imperfections. Something indescribable comes here.

Encompass all wrongness and rightness, go beyond understanding and discrimination of any kind. What is it that exists quietly beneath this stormy surface? Something else is happening.

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