Monday, December 11, 2006

Perception without qualities, without nation, society, family, personality, without association or value is what we are, without that which we add and we are as moral as the universe of which we are made.

Look into your true nature means examine that of which the notional ‘You,' your notional separate existence is composed. When we examine this deeply we find nothing of substance at all, an awareness identified precisely with experience thus indeterminate; change, it’s eternal, unceasing principle.

But in this instant, everything does not cease to be, phenomena remain, solid and real and we communicate meaning to one another that relates to them and confer interrelation upon existence that in actuality transcends it. It is the wonderful communication of human beings.

Perceiving the true nature of existence, maintaining and manifesting the state that experiences the truth, we proceed, temporally as if time existed, slipping, faster than light, between instantaneous moments of eternity.

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