Wednesday, February 09, 2011

We become Buddhists to free ourselves.
We realise Buddhism as practising freedom.
'Buddhism' ceases to have meaning.
We inherit our lives.
We are free, there is no need to be anything.


Taigu said...

Many years passed.
You are with me all along.

Now busy teaching at Treeleaf. Doing new things athat don't go down well in the international Zen community. But, after all, who cares?
You will find my ramblings on youtube.

I'd like to sit with you, also share a beer and a few laughs.

I am still in Japan. Still sitting and sewing. Will be teaching a bit and shut up a lot in a retreat next December in Bruxels.
And you? What are you up to?

Take great care, bear friend.



Michael Kendo Tait said...

Hello Taigu,

I wonder what International Zen Community means, sounds like a Catholic or scouting organisation and we know what they're up to...

Smelly old Buddhism. who wants those rags and bones, I'd rather be springing with the Spring!

Having a few pints with Pete Isaac in the Blackfriars tonight in fact, we'll raise one to you mate!